Fractal Design Arc Midi Tower 27

Fractal Design Arc Midi Tower

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The Fractal Design Arc chassis ships in the same black and blue cardboard box we have seen used with the Define series. You will find an angled shot of the chassis on the front, while the rear goes into some more detail about the unique aspects of the chassis. You will also find features and specification listed on either side of the package. Two large holes act as handles, so that you can carry the chassis home from the post office.

Fractal Design has secured the chassis with very thick Styrofoam spacers. I had to apply quite a bit of force to push the entire contraption out of the cardboard box. While I do agree that the protection is excellent, Fractal Design may have gone a bit overboard this time around.


You will receive a bag of all black screws with the Arc. I have not seen this type of bag used in any chassis before. While it works just fine, it is not as sturdy as the traditional bags, so you may end up with a big mess of screws if the bag rips. Besides that there are two reusable zip ties, a 5.25 inch bay adapter with the appropriate front cover and the signature fan controller from Fractal Design.
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