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Fractal Design CORE 3000 Review

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Fractal Design ships the CORE 3000 in a plain cardboard box with all black printing on it besides the company logo and model name. These two aspects also utilize blue ink. You will find an image of the case in the front, while the rear has a side view from the interior. There are two openings on the side to allow you to carry the case home from the shop or postal office. Fractal Design has also placed the specifications on one of the side panels.

Two fairly compact Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place. Considering the fairly light weight of the unit these are perfectly suited to protect the case during the way from the factory in Asia. A thin plastic bag has been pulled over the case to avoid fingerprints and worse during the packing process itself.


You will get the usual set of contents found in a Fractal Design chassis. A bag of black screws - with the exception of the mainboard stands, the signature fan controller and a front cover for 3.5 inch drives. There are no zip ties included, but that is no big deal as most companies tend to include too few or too fragile ones in the package. A manual is also part of the chassis, to aid you in the assembly process.
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