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Gigabyte Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Gigabyte Aivia Krypton retails for around $80.
  • Excellent tracking (best ADNS-9800-based mouse on our test bench thus far)
  • Above average ergonomics
  • Plenty of buttons
  • Sleek design
  • Nice scroll wheel
  • Optional back plates!
  • Extensive bundle
  • Grippy rubber sides
  • Expensive
  • Not ideally suited for users with large hands and palm-type grip
  • Stiff braided cable
  • Minor positive acceleration
  • Ungodly long name
For a first go at making a high-end gaming mouse, the Gigabyte Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse is nothing less than spectacular. The sensor implementation is among the very best in the market; it has boat loads of features and a stable fast-to-use driver suite to boot. The light system is not as advanced as some of the more gimmicky mice, but who cares when the tracking and ergonomics are this good?
The idea of allowing the user to choose between two distinct types of mice feet is well thought out. This feature makes this mouse so much more customizable in terms of glide than any other product on the market today. The fact that you can choose between the totally hard constant glide ceramic feet and the more conventional soft Teflon-based ones is superb; it allows you to trim the glide much better than anything else I have ever come across.
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