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GIGABYTE Force K7 Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Package

GIGABYTE keeps it simple with the FORCE K7, since it is only bundled with a flyer. There is no driver CD because the K7 does not come with a gaming-oriented driver suite, which is a bit odd for a gaming keyboard.

Closer Examination

This keyboard looks really good. It largely follows the design philosophy of the Aivia line of gaming products, with its soft-touch finish and two extra scrolls wheels at the top of the board. However, the layout has been altered for the FORCE K7, which could be a huge issue depending on how good you are at adapting. The basic design looks really good, and the wrist rest works, as it allows your wrists to relax while typing. Coming from a keyboard with mechanical keys, the scissor mechanisms feels odd—the force required for actuation is probably the same as that of the Cherry MX Browns or Reds, but the work required feels higher due to the friction you have to overcome to press the keys down. It feels a fair bit slower to type on than a mechanical keyboard.

The keyboard features a lot of hot-key functionality, which would allow you to access a load of different services directly. Whether this is smart depends greatly on the user.

The layout is very odd, and we have no idea why GIGABYTE chose to do away with the standard here. It feels like an odd mix of the US and UK layout, and the small backspace button is just an incredibly odd design feature that really messes with your typing speed.

Design-wise, the keyboard is well off. The Lock LEDs look great, but are a bit bright for gaming in a dim room.

Like the Aivia Osmium, you get two scrolls at the top of the keyboard. These allow you to control back lights and volume. I am not much of a fan of extra dials and gadgets on a gaming keyboard, but these actually work, and easy-to-reach volume and mute controls are really practical, especially if you use a pair of headphones instead of a headset.

GIGABYTE's products are always of a good build quality, and the cheaper FORCE series is no exception. The desk stands and rubber feet are well designed and executed. This keyboard stays put on your desk, just like the Aivia Osmium.
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