Glacialtech Altair A380 HTPC Case 0

Glacialtech Altair A380 HTPC Case

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Glacialtech ships the case in a very nicely designed package. It has an image of the case on the side and also lists some of the case features. None of the sides hold any other valuable information. There are cut-outs on two sides to act as handles, so that you can easily carry the box home with you. Upon opening the package, the first thing you will see is a fairly large brown box with the additional contents of the A380.

The chassis itself is protected by large foam spacers. A heavy duty plastic back further protects the enclosure from scratches and other light damage. Even though the shipping carrier did not handle the goods with care, the case arrived in flawless condition.


Inside the brown box you will find a large set of extras that come bundled with the A380. The most notable are various IR receivers as well as an MCE remote. Even though the little pamphlet that comes with the remote does mention Vista compatibikty, the remote control unit itself is not the new kind, officially associated with Windows Vista. A manual, a bag of screws and the drive bay cover round up the package.
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