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Head-Direct RE0 Earphones Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Head-Direct RE0s are available at Head-Direct for $200. As an added bonus you get a FiiO E3 Portable amplifier for free!
  • Superb balanced sound quality
  • Price
  • Good tight bass
  • Highly detailed sound
  • Great treble extension and detail
  • Amazingly airy midrange
  • Good sound stage
  • Good cable
  • Noise attenuation
  • Free FiiO E3 Portable headphone amplifier with each purchase
  • Needs a dedicated headphone amplifier to sound their best (Right now you get a free FiiO E3 amplifier with them!)
  • Bass is not overwhelming
For only $200 these earphones deliver an amazing balanced sound. The only downside to this is that some might not find them as musical or perhaps as interesting to listen to as other earphones. The RE0s have the most faithful reproduction of music I have ever heard from an IEM solution. The midrange features an awesome balanced between texture, and warmness, without cluttering up the details. If you are looking for the ultimate IEM with a neutral sound you have to treat yourself to a set of RE0s. For a detail oriented person these are pure heaven, and this is perhaps their downfall as well. The quest for neutral sounding earphones means that they are a bit light on the bass, but in my opinion the mids and highs more than make up for such a small deficit.
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