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HeadRoom Total BitHead Portable Amp&DAC Review

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The Package

The HeadRoom BitHead ships in a small cardboard box stuffed with the amp and the extensive bundle.

The BitHead comes with a good bundle that lets you enjoy the full potential of the amp without having to invest in any cables. Of course if you want a bit better sound quality you can invest in a better mini to mini interconnect, but the effects should be minimal over the one already included in the bundle. Besides the amp and mini to mini interconnect you also get a small USB cable that allows you to hook up the amp to your PC. What surprised me a bit is that the amp comes with batteries included even though it states otherwise on the box, a pleasant surprise. As with any other special product the documentation for the device is very thorough.

Since the HeadRoom Total BitHead is a dual purpose device you get both a USB cable for use as a DAC and a mini to mini-jack interconnect cable for when you just want to use it as a portable amplifier. To make it even more handy HeadRoom even includes some velcro pads in two colors that you can stick to your laptop, PC, or DAP. It is really neat to get a device where the manufacturer has thought every little aspect of it through so meticulously.

The amplifier is roughly the same length as a CD and is about 2.5 cm high. At 7.5 cm width it is not exactly slim. On the picture above you can see the amp sitting on top of a normal CD. In terms of weight the unit is quite light. Fully loaded with four AAA batteries it weighs in at 172 g. Without the batteries it is only 124 g.
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