Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B520JL 520W Review 0

Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B520JL 520W Review

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We would like to thank Jou Jye for supplying the review sample.

Jou Jye was established in 1997 and has its own production facilities in south-east Asia with the capability to manufacture 300,000 power supplies per month. Till now they made mainly budget PSUs but recently they decided to launch a new series of PSUs intended for gamers and overclockers. Faganas, our load tester, will prove if this claim stands.

In today’s review we will take a detailed look at BW-B520JL, the 520W middle model of the BITWIN series of Jou Jye. BW-B520JL is a non modular PSU that according to its manufacturer is equipped with Japanese capacitors and has the capability to output its maximum rated power continuous at 40°C ambient. As for the last, ATX specification states that a PSU must be able to operate at full load with an ambient up to 50 °C, so since BW-B520JL is ATX 2.31 compliant then it should have no problem operating even up to this temperature and not only 40°C. The Multi-Link Connector (MLC) is a very interesting feature of BITWINs. With this connector and a propriety cable that will accompany all BITWIN PSUs a user can link together two or more PSUs to gain higher total wattage. Without any doubt a very interesting feature although we think that with two parallel working PSUs efficiency, especially at low loads, will be reduced. You will have the chance to read more about this feature in an upcoming review.

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