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Lancool Metal Boned K6 Review

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Lancool packs the case in a full color box, with two identical images on the larger sides. There is an image of the chassis, along with snaps of some of the features. The sides of the box are also identical, except for a few stickers. We have reviewed the Lancool Metal Boned K7 in the past and there are quite a few new additions in terms of features within the K6.

Lancool uses Styrofoam to secure the chassis within the package. This material is cheaper than foam spacers, but only tends to survive a single drop. Nevertheless, these spacers are quite thick and our sample made it safe and sound. A plastic back further protects the enclosures from lighter damage.


You will find a good mix of screws and extras within the package. Lancool includes a few zip ties and additional foam spacers for single platter hard drives. If the latter does not make any sense to you right now, bear with me - we will get to that when assembling the parts. A metal piece used to lock the HDD trays in place as a security measure rounds up the bag of contents. A black & white manual goes into great detail and should be very helpful, if you are putting together a system for the first time.
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