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Logisys UltraSlim Keyboard Review

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I would like to thank Logisys Computer Inc. for supplying the review sample.

Here is what Logisys Computer Inc. has to say about their Vision and History according to their "About Us" web page:

Not long ago a computer was not more than a programmed typewriter and calculator, its memory size was less than what we have in most of our cell phones. For quite a long period of time, the computers, consumer electronics and communications stayed at their own track, without any crossing and overlapping. It is not until recent years the 3C brothers started to merge and integrate and that fundamentally and profoundly changed the world we live in.

We are one of the pioneers who brought CCFL and LED lighting to the PC industry, and one of the first to add color and to introduce clarity (transparency) materials to the beige dominated PC world.Our innovation extends to our other related 3C product design.

We pride ourselves by participating the changes for the last decade by providing the latest design and highest quality products for people who view their PC as a design piece instead of homogeneous electronic device.

Life moves in amazing ways. So do computers. We hope our fantasy and persistent pursuit of the dream of design-piece PC could redefine how computer would look like now and in the days to come.

Logisys is a well known manufacturer of everything from cases, power supplies, input devices, accessories, to fans, cathodes, and other devices. Most of these products are aimed to fulfill the promise of quality as well as style. Today we will be taking a look at the Ultra Slim Soft Touch Multimedia Keyboard from Logisys, which offers Simplicity, Elegance and a Contemporary Style. It is only offered in the two-tone black finish that we will be reviewing today.


  • Ultra Slim design
  • Two-tone black matte/glossy finish
  • Soft Touch multimedia/internet hot keys
  • Integrated extra size palm rest
  • Extra long seven foot cord
  • USB/PS2 Connector
  • Weight - 850g
  • Size - 495mm x 215mm x 30mm (LxWxH)

Packaging & Contents

Logisys ships the Ultra Slim Soft Touch keyboard in a full color cardboard box that is colorful enough to stand out on a shelf with other keyboards. On the front of the box we are treated with a large image of the product inside, a large Logisys Computer company logo, as well as a couple of features and highlights offered with the keyboard. On the back of the box we find a chart with mechanical data, interface information, and an operating system compatibility list. You will have no compatibility issues unless you are running a version of Windows prior to Windows 98.

Once opened, we find the keyboard protected in plastic only, as there does not seem to be any room for additional protection. Also included in the box are a driver CD and a USB to PS2 adapter for those who do not have an available USB port.
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