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Logitech CRAFT Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Logitech put a plastic wrap over the product packaging to make sure you get a box that is mostly free of dust and in pristine condition out of the shipping container. The box is quite subdued in color, which goes with the color scheme of the keyboard itself, as we saw on the previous page. On the front is the company and product name, a marketing tagline, and a huge printed illustration of the keyboard itself. Logitech is one of the very few brands with good retail sales in brick and mortar stores, so the more information is available on the packaging, the better it usually is. This continues on the back and sides with more illustrations, specs, and marketing features galore. There are two large seals which keep the product packaging and contents inside intact.

Having dealt with the seals, we see that the product packaging is in fact a sturdy two-piece box that is built like a fancy gift box. The cover encompasses the base on all sides but the bottom, of course, and taking it off, we see the keyboard front and foremost, underneath which lie the provided accessories in separate, shaped compartments for a snug fit.

There are three sets of accessories here, including one with the Logitech unifying 2.4 GHz USB receivers. These receivers are quite small, as you can see, and can support up to six compatible peripherals each at the same time, which allows one to use a whole family of Logitech peripherals with a single receiver if need be. Also included is a quick start guide and a warranty manual, although I will say that the software driver does a great job through tutorials for anything you will need to know that this manual mentions. Finally, we have a male-male USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, which indicates that the keyboard at the very least has a detachable cable. However, as the specifications indicate, the Logitech CRAFT is actually a wireless keyboard and thus, this cable helps charge the battery in it. The cable is 6' long, which is on par with how long your average keyboard cable should be, and has a soft rubber-touch finish.
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