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MSI GS73 STEALTH PRO-009 (GTX 1050 Ti) Review

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Packaging and Contents

The box the MSI GS73 Stealth Pro laptop ships in is pretty standard-fare, but compared to other units I have received, it's much more subdued. It offers decent protection and does what a box should do, which is to keep your grubby mitts off the nice hardware. Okay, so only some of that is right. Snapping back to reality, the black box just has the MSI logo on top and a small label detailing the base system's specs on the bottom.

Upon opening the box, users will find the laptop inside a black cloth bag with a few pieces of PR material detailing some of the laptop's features. User guides, warranty leaflet, charger, and power cable are next to the laptop - in a smaller box or in chambers below.

The bundle is rather bare, but that's to be expected. After all, what more do users really need with a laptop than the unit and the charger?
  • Laptop
  • User guides
  • Warranty info
  • Support contact info
  • Battery charger
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