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Mushkin XP-800 AP 800W PSU Review

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The top of the power supply shows the single 135 mm fan which is covered by a Mushkin logo.

On the back of the case you find the connectors for all modular cables. Please note that they are all identical, so any cable can be connected to any output. I'm not sure how you will be able to identify the different rails with that method. Maybe it's not needed with the rail fusion feature.

The sides show how reflective and glossy the dark grey paint is. It also tends to take fingerprints easily which can be wiped away with your bare hands.

The back features the power switch and the power cable plug. Near the right bottom you see a small switch for a rail fusion feature that lets you select between a single rail or quad rail operation. When running in a single rail all cables consume from the same big pool of power. When running in quad rail mode there are four different pools of power, which are smaller, so the power draw from each is limited. This could be a useful feature in case you have too much power draw on the 12V1 line for example which would overload it. If you turn on the rail fusion feature, all rails get tied together and the maximum load per rail increases.
In our testing we saw no difference between both settings.

The motherboard connector supports both 20 and 24 pin operation. You can clip the two parts together for easy installation in small or crowded cases.

The same is possible for the CPU power connector, they can be clipped together to form a solid connection.

The PCI-Express power connectors can either be used a 6 pin or 8 pin variant. Again, you can clip the connectors together to form a solid seal which I find very useful.
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