NVIDIA Quad-SLI vs. ATI Crossfire Review 34

NVIDIA Quad-SLI vs. ATI Crossfire Review

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The Cards

Let's take apart one of these GX2 cards.

Obviously one GX2 card is a double-height card. Because of its length it may be hard to install in some cases because there's very little space. In our Coolermaster case you had to insert the cards exactly straight into the case, otherwise they wouldn't plug into the PCI-Express connector.

First we remove the "top" card which does not have its own PCI-Express connector.

This is the front of the card. A high-res version (around 2 MB) is here.

Here we see the back of the card. High-res.

With the top card gone we can now take a closer look at the second card which has the outputs and the slot connector.

This is the front. High-res.

.. and the back. High-res.
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