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NZXT ships the H2 chassis in a plain brown box, but there are simple images of the chassis in its two variations, while the back goes into greater detail about the features - all black on brown. I am a bit surprised to see such a simple packaging for a case that costs 100 USD or 100 Euro. Considering the unique set of features, the H2 could have been presented much better with an all color packaging.

Compact Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place while keeping the overall dimensions of the package as small as possible. This reduces the shipping costs for the manufacturer and distributors, as more cases can be placed within a container or on a palette.


A simple, but quite useable manual and a pamphlet about other NZXT products has been placed within the package. As we have come to expect from the company, the all black screws are neatly sorted and packaged separately.
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