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The Case

The front of the case looks great even though it is of different color than the rest. The silver aluminum certainly adds to the quality, as the rest is constructed out of plastic. The company logo is placed on the right top corner. While this is just fine, my personal preference would have been the left top corner, as that would give the logo the most exposure when the front is opened. The power & reset buttons can be accessed even when the door is closed. The same goes for the LEDs as these are located just under the buttons.

Opening the door reveals the four 5.25 inch and two 3.5 inch bays. The inner front is just as shiny as the rest of the case. The air vent for the front 120 mm fan is only partially covered when the door is closed and is completely free when it is opened. On the inside of the door you will find "Designed by NZXT", a very nice little touch.

Both sides of the case look identical and are in fact one and the same part, just flipped to fit on either side. You will not find any airvents or mountings for fans on either side. I placed a thumbscrew on the top to give you an idea as to how glossy the paint job is. Due to this attribute, it will take fingerprints. You will have to clean it regularly if you want it looking as new. The rear of the case is fairly standard. Note the thumb screws on the right side and the lack thereof on the left side.

The bottom rear of the case, houses the PCI expansion slots. Six of these utilize reusable covers. The top PCI slot is open, so in case you use onboard graphics, try to dig up an additional cover from another case. The middle segment is reserved for the usual mainboard backplate and the rear fan. You may mount an 80 mm, 92 mm or 120 mm fan in this location. NZXT already includes the biggest variant, which is the best possible choice. The top is meant for the PSU, which can only be mounted one way.
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