NZXT Panzerbox 26

NZXT Panzerbox Review

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The full color package has an image of the case on both the larger sides. It also lists some of the enclosure's main features. You will find the specifications of the unit on both smaller sides of the box. NZXT has also included cutouts on these sides, to make transportation of the compact packaging easier.

The chassis itself is secured with fairly thick Styrofoam spacers and a heavy duty plastic bag.


An excellent, 50 page, multi-language manual is included. This is good, as the Panzerbox is certainly no ordinary case. You also get a whole bunch of screws, neatly sorted in separate bags so you won't have to worry about running out when filling the case to the rim. NZXT has also included to metal parts to allow for a dual 120 mm radiatior to be installed within the enclosure - way to go!
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