OCZ Reaper HPC 6 GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL 8 Kit 2

OCZ Reaper HPC 6 GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL 8 Kit Review

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A Closer Look

The memory is very bulky, so stacking these for the first traditional image may look a bit confusing. Due to the thick heatspreaders and the nickel plated, copper heatpipe, these DIMMs are quite heavy. You will also have to watch out, if these will fit on your board properly. We will take a look at that aspect in a second.

One side of each module has a sticker of the OCZ logo on them as well as a sticker with all the information to set the DIMMs to the right speed. The other side is completely clean and does not even hold a company logo. It may have been a nice touch to add a logo there, but since these stickers add to the overall dimensions of the DIMMs, it is a good thing that OCZ has chosen to keep one side without such labels.

The pipes are fairly thick and bend upwards on both sides of the memory. There are fins, cut out of a solid aluminum piece on top of the memory. As you can see in the profile picture, the heatspreaders on both sides are not identical. One interlocks into the other and is held in place by screws and strong thermal tape. Removing the screws on our samples did not allow us to pull these heatspreaders off. Such a large cooling aparatus has one obvious advantage: the memory does not get hot during use. The drawback is the fact, that it may interfere with large CPU coolers on certain mainboards. This was the case with our Bloodrage board in combination with the Noctua U12P CPU cooler. We had to turn the cooler 90 degrees to get the memory to fit.

The Reaper HPC triple channel kit features a stylish black PCB with the OCZ logo inprinted on the outer edge. There are no other markings, nothing to tell us who the manufacturer of the PCB is.

The OCZ sticker is of high quality and is perfectly centered. The square label next to it holds most of the necessary information. The TRAS setting is still missing from these stickers. OCZ should include them, as they do mention a TRAS of 28 for these modules on their website.

As you can see the memory modules fit perfectly fine right next to each other. The CPU cooler of our test bed had to be turned 90° so that the memory modules would fit. The Reaper HPC are simply too tall for any other configuration. On boards with six slots, you may be able to fit the memory, by sacrificing the first slot next to the CPU, while leaving the CPU cooler to blow hot air out the back of the case instead.
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