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Origen AE M10 Review

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The M10 ships in a very simple package. A handle should make the transportation of the small chassis quite simple. Origen AE has placed the specifications and details on the side of the cardboard box. The case itself is secured by huge foam spacers, so the expensive enclosure should reach you unharmed - ours did.


You get a bag with a few screws. This seems to be all you need for the entire chassis, as Origen AE has tried to keep things simple on the interior. An old fashion MCE remote along with a pair of Philips AA batteries can also be found within the package. I am surprised to see such an outdated device shipping along with the M10. Origen AE has managed to include the much nicer and certainly more up to date remote with their larger - and older - HTPC enclosures.

A large power brick is certainly the highlight of the M10 and probably adds considerably to the retail cost. It is made by FSP, which is certainly a well known manufacturer. The unit is rated for 150W or 12.5 A, which is much more than any normal mini ITX system will require. Another lesser known advantage of such bricks is their high efficiency when compared to traditional PSUs.
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