Patriot Box Office Core 6

Patriot Box Office Core

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The Patriot Box Office Core ships in a cube shaped box. There is quite a bit of information printed on the entire package, while there is only a single image of the actual device. It may have been good to also have some more angle shots of the front and rear, to show what connectivity is present.

A black cardboard box actually holds the device. It is embedded in foam spacers, so you could probably play soccer with the package without having to worry about any damage to it. (But don't try this at home!)


Patriot included a component cable, along with an HDMI lead, so that you can get started right away. On top of that there is a manual and a CD so that you can install a transcoding media player on a host PC and use it to stream to the PBO. A fully featured remote control rounds up the extras. It feels alright in terms of quality, but should get the job done by any means.

A small power brick is required to supply juice to the entire unit. Since it only outputs 2A at 12V, you can imagine that the Box Office does not require a lot of power to run and display your media on the big screen.
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