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Powercolor Radeon HD 2400 Pro Review

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Packaging & Contents

We have not received a final packaging with our sample card. Our package only had the card and a driver CD.

Powercolor supplied this image of the retail packaging.

The Card

The card uses a low profile design which should be great for media PCs. In case you are really limited in height you can remove the metal slot cover and disconnect the analog VGA port to have a truly low profile card.

The back of the card is completely standard, it has two of the four memory chips on it.

Like most other budget cards the HD 2400 Pro comes with one analog VGA and one DVI output. The DVI output can be used with an analog adapter to connect a second analog display. It can also be used with an HDMI adapter to get an HDMI+Audio+HDCP signal for your big TV.
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