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QNAP NMP-1000 Network Media Player Review

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QNAP ships the NMP-1000 in a compact, full color box. The front holds an image of the device, while the rear goes into detail about its capabilities, along with a visual representation of an ideal implementation. The cardboard feels fairly thin, but QNAP actually packed the entire sample in an additional brown cardboard box to further protect it during shipping. Thus, it got here save and sound.

Two Styrofoam spacers hold the media player in place, while all the contents are stored in a small, plain cardboard box.


You will receive four different cables with the device. For data there are the Ethernet and USB 2.0 cables, while there is an HDMI and a RCA cable to deliver audio & video to your TV. Interestingly enough, there is no eSATA cable, even though the NMP-1000 can be connected to the PC via such a connection. A CD with the PC applications and digital documentation, a bag of six screws and an extremely thick and detailed, multi-language manual are also part of the network media player.

A fully featured remote control along with the required set of batteries is also part of the accessories to ship with the media player. All the functions of the device can easily be controlled with the remote and all the buttons are clearly labeled to minimize any confusion.

The external power brick feels a bit flimsy and is fairly large. You hear a hollow sound when knocking on it, which does not help either. I am surprised to see such a bulky unit, as it does not really convey any sustainable quality to the user. A PSU with an output of 3 A at 5 or 12 V should certainly be much smaller, but the unit works and does not emit any high pitch noise during use.
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