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QNAP TS-409 Pro Turbostation Review

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The TS-409 comes in a box just large enough for the device itself and the accessories. Nothing is overdone here. On the sides we find a picture of the unit and the long list of features in several languages.

When we open the box we find the TS-409 protected by some Styrofoam and a plastic bag. On the side is a box with the accessories.

The box isn't full of pointless things. We only get what we actually require. A manual, a little bag with 16 screws (four for each hard drive), an installation CD, a power adapter with mickey mouse cable and a UTP cable to connect the device.

The unit

The unit looks quite stylish. It's a small tower of aluminum with a plastic front. The plastic has holes which look good while allowing the drives inside to be cooled. The front plastic as a whole is a door which opens up and allows easy access.

Opened up you immediately see what's important: four harddisks. The harddisks are mounted in brackets identical to the TS-209s. The drives are simply screwed on the brackets and slide right into the TS-409 pro. It supports hotswapping therefore you can add or remove a drive at any time without rebooting the system.

All cabling goes in the back, these consist of a power cable, an Ethernet cable and optionally USB devices. Additionally there is a front USB port for easy access. This allows you to connect your USB stick or camera and copy anything on it to the TS-409 Pro. A single copy button on the front allows you to do this without turning your computer on.
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