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RHA SA950i On-ear Headphones Review

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The Package

The SA950is come in a small, durable box. You do not get a bundle or choice of cable.

Right now, there is only an iPhone compatible version, which means all Android users have limited remote functionality.

The cable has a braided sleeve and well-constructed strain reliefs at both ends. It is a normal TRRP mini-jack, so it should work with pretty much all devices sporting mini-jacks.

Closer Examination

The headphones look very simple and are actually remarkably sturdy despite their low weight. The design does lack a few crucial features compared to, say, a set of Sennheiser PX-200 II. For one, the ear cups only have one degree of freedom, which means alignment and ear fit are left to the pads.

The pads are quite stiff to begin with, and they are not as comfortable as those on the Sennheiser PX-200 II. These will, like all totally closed headphones, heat up your ears during use, but it was no worse or better than any other supra aural headphones we have come across lately.

Size adjustment mechanisms on the SA950is work quite well. They simply use the friction between the rods and the internals of the adapter to hold the pads in place, which, unlike stepped ones, allows you to conduct precise adjustments. Since it is a friction mechanism, it is simple but susceptible to wear, just like any other adjustment mechanism.

The build quality leaves some to be desired, especially compared to Sennheiser products. You would expect a better fit and finish than what RHA offers with the SA950is from a set of $60 headphones.

Cable solutions are pretty critical on any set of headphones, and with this pair, RHA got all the details except for maybe the plug on the headphone, which seems a bit flimsy, right. The cable is light and features a good remote and microphone. As if that wasn't enough, it also comes with a very well-made cable jacket and strain reliefs. The microphonic noise from the braided cable jacket is not intrusive at all because the headphones are supra aural.

Headbands made of plastic and pleather usually look very tacky, but RHA's don't! Even though it is made out of less than interesting materials, it looks and feels very good. The headband seems every bit as much up to the job as those with steel innards, durability wise. The bonus here is that the plastic headband weighs very little which is in turn good for comfort.
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