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Closer Examination

Razer has moved on from their original small ergonomic shape to something pretty similar to that of the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 (IME 3.0) or the Microsoft Habu. It's clear that Razer has spend a lot of time on the design. Everything from the buttons and the layout to the positioning of the sensor is well thought out. The design of the mouse is quite special, the area where your palm rests has a matte finish whereas the rest of the mouse is made of plain glossy plastic. Because the top has a matte finish it really stands out and creates a nice two tone effect.

A thing that I really like about the new generation Razer mice is the side buttons, they are some of the best buttons I have tried, only rivaled by those used by Logitech on their old MX-series line of mice. Considering how awful the sides buttons were on the Diamondback and the Viper these are a real revolution.

The placement of the side buttons is similar to that of the IME 3.0 / Habu. They are placed so that they are comfortable to use if you like to rest your entire palm on the top of the mouse. If you only use your finger tips to move the mouse these might be a bit hard to reach especially if you have a small hand. The placement of the side buttons is a nice compromise.

The scroll-wheel is made of clear rubber and feels firm, it has small dents so that you can use it to change weapons and stuff like that in games without being afraid of scrolling past the weapon you wanted.

As with all Razer mice, the DeathAdder has some blue lights. On top of the mouse there is a big Razer logo constantly flashing in a bright blue color.

It's just like with the old Copperhead where the logo on top flashes constantly, this little design feature draws a lot of attention.

The DeathAdder is the perfect example of how to place a sensor on a mouse. It's aligned in the center of the mouse making the mouse responsive yet controllable. Another welcome design change on the bottom of the mouse is the placement and size of the polyurethane Teflon feet. They are placed at the very edges of the mouse providing a balanced glide and making it less likely that the mouse will wobble when moving it. The Teflon used as feet on the DeathAdder feels just like QPAD Glidz or the feet on a Logitech G5/G7. The soft compound Teflon makes the gliding experience good on almost every mat on the market today.

Compared to mice such as the IME 3.0 and the Microsoft Habu it's a bit smaller, but still bigger than the old Razer mice.
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