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The packaging features a boring and rather dull design, and the only vivid color used is the fill of the box below the number "7", which indicates the warranty period. Apparently, Rosewill wanted to emphasize the long warranty. Finally, although the box's dimensions are restricted and its weight is low, a carrying handle is fitted to help you move it around easily.

Rosewill's trademark and the series description can be found on this side of the box.

At the rear side, you will find a brief description of the features, a table describing all available connectors and four smaller tables with the power distribution of all Fortress units. Also, at the top right corner, the Platinum badge makes its presence well felt.


The PSU is well protected by two thick pieces of packing foam and a nylon bag. The bundle includes several zip ties, two set of screws for chassis mounting (one with plain screws and one with thumb screws), and an AC power cord. There is, of course, a user's manual which is shown below.

The manual is common to all Fortress PSUs, as can be seen at the bottom right corner.


The Fortress 550W features a texture matte finish which is fingerprint proof. At the front, we see the classic honeycomb-style exhaust holes and the AC receptacle along with a small on/off switch. At the sides, the Fortress logo looks nice, while at the rear we find the fully and nicely sleeved native cables. Around the cable exit hole, there is a grommet, something that is essential in a non-modular unit since a many cables pass through this hole.
The octagon-shaped fan grill does not feature a center badge, something that surely doesn't help its looks. Finally, the specifications label is located at the unit's bottom side, so it won't mess with the unit's view if you install it in a windowed case.
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