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A Closer Look - Inside

To gain access to the interior, simply remove the pair of thumbscrews holding each side panel in place. The interior layout is quite standard—simple for a modern mATX chassis. We would expect nothing more from a case of this price class. A large opening in the motherboard tray gives you access to the CPU cooler's backplate, but the chassis lacks cable-routing holes, so you will need to get creative to keep things clean within the Line-M.

You will find the aforementioned spots for either a 2.5" or 3.5" hard drive on the floor. The front intake fan utilizes clear plastic and is equipped with blue LEDs. Rosewill has equipped the unit with both a 3-pin- and Molex header to give you the utmost flexibility. Above that are five drive bays, with the bottom two 3.5" ones meant for internal use. All the external ones come equipped with plastic locks that won't be capable of holding most drives as well as screws, but Rosewill ships plenty of screws with the chassis so that you may take the more traditional approach.

The five motherboard expansion slots in the rear are of the break-out kind, which means that the slot covers cannot be reused, but Roswill including two reusable covers should ensure that you are not left with gaping holes after an upgrade. Above that is the 120 mm exhaust fan; it is much simpler than the one installed in the front. It is completely black, has no LEDs, and only sports a single 3-pin connector. In the very top is the quite ordinary PSU bay.

All the cables within the Rosewill Line-M unfortunately ship in their default colors. While no deal-breaker, it would have been nice to see all-black sleeving instead. The plugs are of the standard variety and should fit any modern mATX motherboard.
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