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Sansun SN-C001 The Bat Review

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The case

First impression

With Sansun being an unknown company to me I didn't have many expectations. When the case arrived at my home I was surprised about it though. The design isn't as disturbing as I expected from the pictures. I'd prefer to have a more neutral look for a case myself but besides that it doesn't look bad. If you have kids they will surely like it. If those same kids have deeper interest in computers they will like it even more, it actually has enough cooling options. For example a nice duct with a 80mm fan in the side covering the CPU. There is also space for two 80mm fans in the back and another 80mm fan in the front. Let's take a closer look...

A closer look

Here she is.

When you put the case under your desk close to the ground, the ports and buttons on top are truly great. You can easily reach everything.
It has the usual ports as well, though my model did lack the Firewire connector. Space for it is there so other models will probably have it.

The batwings are on the side, they're made out of plastic covering the case. The side fan is camouflaged pretty well.

The case opened up.

No screws are needed to install expansion cards. Very nice if you enjoy replacing hardware a lot.

The 5.25" bays do not require screws which makes installing very easy. The plastic levers feel a bit weak, this shouldn't be a problem if you don't replace 5.25" drives a lot.
The 3.5" bays are split in two racks. Both racks can be easily taken out and put back in for easy installation. Screws are still needed however.

Nice blue lights, and I used to think bats were blind.

The side fan has a duct that covers the CPU, this should help reducing CPU temperature.

A lot of small cables. Where do they go? Well they are labeled, so together with your motherboard's booklet you should be able to connect them correctly.
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