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Seasonic Platinum Series Fanless 520 W Review

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The box is of medium size and features a nice platinum color that probably refers to the efficiency rating of the PSU. A significant portion of the front's real-estate is covered by a photo showcasing the PSU's well-ventilated enclosure. The face of the box also contains the Platinum efficiency badge, Seasonic's logo, the series name, and the capacity description on a black background.

One of the two sides has the unit's specification table and the output ratings of all rails.

Seasonic was kind enough to provide a photo of the unit's internal on the rear side of the box; for interested users. A paragraph explaining the differences between 80 Plus certifications, and the advantages of its higher 80 Plus Platinum certification, adorns a corresponding table. We also found references to Seasonic's patented modular panel that integrates the DC-DC converters of the minor rails, the tight voltage regulation, the unit's fanless operation, the use of Japanese polymer caps, the seven-year warranty, and the gold terminals of the modular connectors.

On top of the box are a multilingual features description, the platinum badge, and the SS-520FL's series name.


The PSU is well protected inside its box, so it will reach the hands of its buyer in perfect condition. A luxurious velvet bag provides some extra protection. There is also a notification to inform the buyer that this PSU is only meant to be used with cases that have good air-flow.

A large pouch stores all modular cables and the rest of this rich bundle. The bundle includes the AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts, several Velcro straps, a case badge, and some zip ties.


Everyone with a basic knowledge of physics knows that hot air travels up. For all the rest, Seasonic put a notification on the PSU mentioning that the PSU should be installed with the top cover facing up. This will prevent hot air from being trapped inside the unit, which is important because hot, trapped air would most likely activate/trigger the PSU's Over Temperature Protection (OTP) feature.

The PSU features a nice, light and matte finish that is fairly scratch resistant, but not fingerprint proof. This case reminds me of Swiss cheese because it is full of holes, which does allow hot air to move out of the case easily. We find the AC receptacle and the useful on/off switch on the front. Ventilation holes on both sides make large decals impossible, which is why we only find a small illustration of the series here. The modular panel can be found at the rear, and even there we find a vent that provides a clear view to two polymer Enesol caps. The specifications label and several vents are installed on the bottom side of the enclosure. Since there is no fan to push the hot air out of the case, Seasonic has, as you can see, made sure to exploit every inch of the case in an attempt to provide the best possible airflow.
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