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Seasonic S12G 450 W Review

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The package is small and features a pale blue and black color scheme. The front is occupied by a photo of the PSU and the series description in large, colored font, while the 80 Plus Gold badge resides in the bottom-left corner. We also find the ErP Lot 6 compliance and Haswell compatibility badges and an icon for the PSU's 6+2 PCIe connectors in the bottom-right corner.

This side holds a list of the PSU's most crucial features, including its protection features, and five photos of its connectors and flat black cables.

The technical specifications and power specifications tables can be found on this side. The 80 Plus Gold and Energy Star standards this PSU meets are also mentioned.

We again find the 80 Plus Gold badge, a QR code, the capacity description, and the corresponding certification badges that exist at the face of the box on this side.

The back of the box mentions interesting PSU features in a list with nice badges and corresponding descriptions in text. There are also four small photographs that depict the unit's ball-bearings fan, the quality bulk cap, the DC-DC converters, and the classic honeycomb-styled exhaust grill.


Removing the outer sleeve of the box reveals a sturdy cardboard box that offers adequate protection to its contents. Two sheets of packing foam also fully envelope the PSU which wasn't inside a bag like Seasonic's high-end units. Seasonic apparently meant to cut on cost here, and they did so well since there is no room for such luxuries in this price segment.

The bundle includes the AC power cord, several zip ties, including a long, thick and reusable tie, a set of Velcro straps with Seasonic's logo on them, four fixing bolts, and Seasonic's case badge—a pretty rich bundle for a bugdet unit.


The finish is quite good since the case and its paint job are identical to that of a G unit, and the handy on/off switch resides next to the AC receptacle at the front. One of two sides has the specifications label, while the cable-exit hole in the rear doesn't feature a grommet, which isn't necessary because it comes with folded edges instead. While the cables are modular, they don't look as though they will take up a ton of room since their black wires are also flat.

Only 14 cm long, this PSU is incredibly compact, and we wonder why the main ATX cable isn't flat and black as well. While it would affect production cost, its colored cables look strange next to all the other black and flat cables.

As you can see, the ATX cable is of the normal, round variety with colored wires, while all other cables are flat and come with black gauges, which makes it stand out like a sore thumb.

The flat cables will make cable management easy and won't hamper airflow inside your case as much as round cables.
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