Shuttle XPC Barebone SH87R6 w/ Core i5-4570T 4

Shuttle XPC Barebone SH87R6 w/ Core i5-4570T Review

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The package doesn't feature any fancy colors and graphics, just a plain sketch on the front-right side. Its white color even makes the box look larger. The series name is in the bottom-left corner and there is, strangely enough, no mention of the model number on the front of the box.

The carrying handle is there to help you move the large but not heavy box around.

A large sticker on this side depicts the model number of the barebone and its technical specifications, along with its most significant features.

You will only find a multilingual list of the most important advantages of the barebone on this side. All in all, Shuttle kept the design of the package as simple as possible, which is totally fine with us.


Open the box and you will be greeted by the quick installation guide, which you should take a look at. Two large pieces of packing foam and a soft cloth bag the barebone is in also protect it well inside the box.

A smaller box contains all the accessories that come with the barebone. These include two SATA cables, a cap for the socket, some screws for drive mounting, a software disc, and a tube of thermal paste.

The quick installation guide comes in many languages and includes enough information; that is, for a quick guide.
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