Silverstone SUGO SG08 11

Silverstone SUGO SG08 Review

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A Closer Look - Inside

Simply remove the thumb screws holding the cover in place to gain access to the interior. Once removed, you have access to three sides of the chassis, which should help in getting everything assembled.

The slimline ODD bay is in the very top of the chassis. It consists of a tray that you need to remove to place the optical drive within. The rear of the top is taken up by the massive 180 mm Air Penetrator fan. It is actually covered by a dust filter which I removed to show you the cooling unit properly. You will have to remove both the ODD tray and the fan to gain proper access to the interior of the SG08 chassis. Silverstone has firmly attached the speed switch to the installed Air Penetrator which means that you will lose its functionality if you replace the fan.

Below the optical drive bay is the quite elaborate hard-drive cage. It uses neon rubber rings as anti-vibration measures. They are great, but a bit frail. I managed to rip one apart completely without much issue. The friction of the cage-pin that goes into the ring is enough to pull things apart. Silverstone should use better quality ones, or at supply a couple spares. The hard-drive cage can hold one 3.5" and two 2.5" drives thanks to, as we will see later, a pretty smart way of placing the drives.

The short PSU has been placed on the floor of the chassis. It is a special one that fits within the SG08 perfectly; it features a single rail with 46A and 80Plus Bronze certification. It comes with a 120 mm fan despite its compact size. It would have been nice to see a fully modular approach, but this is simply not possible as such an attribute would get in the way of long GPUs.
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