Sirtec HighPower RockSolid 1000W PSU Review 3

Sirtec HighPower RockSolid 1000W PSU Review

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I would like to thank Sirtec for supplying the test sample.

Specifications from manufacturer

  • Real 1200W/1000W (continuous output)
  • Silent performance
  • NVIDIA SLI certified
  • ATI CrossFire ready
  • 80PLUS certified Green Power (>80% at all loadings)
  • Fan Delay-Off feature for extended product life *
  • Modular cable management design
  • 13,5cm ultra silent fan & 8cm Golf-Surface fan
  • Quad +12V output (1080W)
  • Overall Protection Design; OCP/OVP/UVP/SCP/OTP/OPP
  • 6x PCI-E connector (PCI-E 6pin x4 & PCI-E 8pin x2)


The box of the HighPower RockSolid 1000W is quite big which means it will stand out more on store shelved. Also there is more space for product information on the back. All the important features are described accurately there.

Box contents:
  • Power supply unit
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cables

ConnectorsMain Power5.25"Floppy4 Pin CPUSerialATAPCI-E Aux Power
ATX 24 Pin92494x6 + 2x8

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