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Sirtec HighPower RockSolid 1000W PSU Review

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As you can see the case of the RockSolid 1000W is bigger than the ATX standard, the exact length is 22 cm. Since the unit is not using a high-gloss paint coat, the PSU is immune to fingerprints.

The back has the usual power switch but no activity LEDs or similar.

Sirtec has chosen to go with a hybrid modularity approach. The most important cables are fixed, should you need more you can connect them optionally. This is a good design decision in my opinion because there are some cables you will always need. Also this allows a small cost reduction and less room for user error.
While the sticker below goes into great detail about the connectors it is probably too detailed for most people that are just setting up their PSU.

The 135 mm fan is running fairly slow which means that the PSU is amazingly quiet. Since the case has a bigger footprint, the heat density is smaller which means that there is less cooling needed.

The logo is protected by a thin plastic film which can be peeled off.

The motherboard connector is one solid chunk of 24 pins, which means you could have difficulties plugging it in on some really old motherboards which have only a 20 pin connector and some components next to it.

The 8-Pin power connector can be split to fit motherboards which use only four pins for their CPU power supply. You can lock the connectors together easily, they will then hold together firmly without any pressure.
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