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I would like to thank SoundGraph for supplying the review sample.

SoundGraph is a firm which was spun off from Samsung Electronics in 2000 and has since then specialized in developing various remote controls, VFDs and digital DJing equipment.

Here is what SoundGraph has to say about itself:
The name of our company, 'SoundGraph' is composed of two words 'sound' and 'graph'. As like on the company name, 'Soundgraph' provides the multimedia products and services which is based on the digital media technology.
Recently, there is various products and services appeared on the production, process and distribution of multimedia with the popularization of new digital media. SoundGraph provides new concepts on the viewpoint of users who receive these multimedia contents and produces innovative products based on the new concepts. We developed the technology, controls digital audio file using the analogue turntable, controls PC using a remote controller instead of keyboard and mouse, so users can using their PC like normal home appliance. And we proposed the new multi-channel digital audio file format which presents new environments of listening music.
The new multimedia contents widely spread through the network which is rapidly increased. SoundGraph will provide a creative and innovative way to control this media spreading through the network.
Now let's take a look at the SoundGraph iMON VFD. There are two colors available (black and silver). We got the black one.
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