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Speed-Link Gravity XXL 2.1 Sound system Review

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Speed-Link is well known to produce some of the best bang for the buck sound systems for use with PC or gaming console. The Gravity series is aimed at gamers looking for a decent performing mid end sound system for either console or PC, the sound system is compatible with both, via a converter cable which allows phono plugs to be converted to mini-jack.

One of the things that make the Gravity XXL stand out from the crowd is the rather simple design and the huge subwoofer with embedded amplifier, the size and construction is aimed a giving the set a both responsive and power full bass.
  • Modern design and pure power.
  • Tower subwoofer with reinforced wooden housing.
  • Two magnetically shielded satellite speakers.
  • Bass, treble and volume control.
  • Cable remote control.
  • Including adapter cable for gaming consoles such as PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

The Package

The Speed-Link Gravity XXL 2.1 sound system comes in a cardboard box with some foam on the inside to hold the speakers in place and protect them from the shocks and knocks during transportation.

On the front of the package you can see the entire kit and some of the key features of the sound system. The back of the package is filled with explanations of the construction and design of the sound system.

Inside the huge package you find two cables for the speakers and the remote volume control, besides that Speed-Link includes a manual that helps the user install the system.
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