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As usual I have tested this mat in various games and it performed really good. The mat was precise and comfortable at all times and it never made the cursor jump even at 2000 DPI.
I normally play with a medium sensitivity setting like most other gamers do and I have to say that I really like the mat because of the size and feel it has.
I've tried playing with a low sensitivity setting for a while and it is safe to say that this mat is extremely well suited for low sensitivity gaming. Not once did I run out of mat and the friction between mouse and mat was really low.

One thing I noticed was that the mat had some small bumps on it. But after confirmation from SteelPad we concluded that this was a problem with the review sample and that all the other SteelPad QcK heavys are perfectly fine and smooth.


Since the SteelPad Qck heavy is a cloth mat it will be damaged if you spill some Cola on it. The mat absorbs water and therefore the mat will be damaged by spilling any liquid that contains sugar. This is a general problem with cloth mats. The edges of the mat are well made, and I think that it's quite durable. I don't think that the edges will floss as much as i.e. the Razer Mantis because of the fabric used, it seems way more durable.

The foam used as base also seems quite durable. I have tried to damage it but I was unsuccessful, even if I press it down against my desk as hard as I can, it just pops right back up.

All in all I think that this mat is one of the most durable cloth mats on the market, especially ince the fabric seems to be less prone to floss.
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