Thermaltake Commander MS-I USB 3.0 4

Thermaltake Commander MS-I USB 3.0 Review

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Thermaltake packages the chassis in a full color cardboard box. The front holds an image of the case and a "Commander", while the rear goes into great detail about the features of the case. On the sides you will see if the package includes the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 variant and a list of specification on the other panel.

The case is held in place by two Styrofoam spacers and further protected with the help of a plastic bag to ensure a scratch and fingerprint free chassis right out of the box.


As this is an entry level chassis, there is not a lot of unusual extras to be found within the box. A bag of screws, a speaker, four long screws, a single plastic mainboard spacer and a manual is all you get.
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