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Vantec NexStar TX NST-210S2-BK Review

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The NexStar TX comes in a small full color box just large enough to hold the enclosure and its accessories. The front of the package features a picture of the unit as well as some key information such as what the enclosure's intent is. The sides of the box feature the words "Data, Music and Photo" giving an inclination on what external hard disks are intended for. The backside of the package is chock full of all the information a prospective user may need, with a brief product description and lists of features, specifications, requirements and contents. Overall the packaging is simple. No heavy plastics to cut through and nothing else unnecessary or flashy. Perhaps this will be an inclination of what is to be found inside.


Opening the package we find the NexStar TX snuggly nestled in between protective cardboard inserts and wrapped in protective plastic. Removing everything from the box and laying it out we find the enclosure itself, an instruction booklet, a USB adapter cable, a Phillips head screwdriver and a faux leather protective sleeve for the enclosure. The instruction booklet is well laid out and is quite easy to understand and it seems like Vantec has included everything needed to get your 2.5" HDD enclosed and running.
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