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Vizo Saturno One Touch Backup Enclosure Review

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A Closer Look

The first thing you notice when unpacking the Saturno is its weight, or lack therof. The outer shell is made of fairly thin but sturdy aluminum, while the middle grey segment is constructed of plastic. You will find four black rubber feet, so that the enclosure does not damage the surface of your desk when used.

As the PCB is fairly small, the LEDs are also located toward the back of the Saturno. The top one lights up blue when the device is powered, while the bottom one blinks red to denote hard drive activity. Vizo ships the enclosure open, which saves you the trouble of unscrewing any screws to gain access.

The small PCB does not hold anything, which cannot be seen from the outside. There is a large, white "PASS" sticker on the eSATA connector, which has been placed there by Vizo's quality control. All the connectivity of the SATA based enclosure is provided by a single chip - the JM20336. Vizo is using the same controller in the Uranus enclosure. This makes sense as the feature set is identical.

Installing the hard drive could not be any easier. Simply slide in the drive and snap it into place, then place the cover on the bottom half of the enclosure and secure it with four of the six screws - done. When connected to the power, the blue and very bright LED lights up right away.
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