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Westone is one of the oldest in-ear-monitor producing companies out there. They are mostly known for their range of custom in-ears geared towards musicians called the Elite Series which tend to be quite expensive. Besides the custom fit monitors also have a line of universal fit IEMs called the UM-series.

The monitor I will be putting through its paces today is Westone contribution to the budget IEM market dubbed the UM1. The UM1s utilize a single balanced full range armature, which means that one driver produces all of the tones.

One of the things that set Westone's universal fit series apart from that of the competitions is the fact that Westone's use the best foam tips on the market today. The tips are made by a small relatively unknown company called Comply. Not only does their foam tips last longer they are also more comfortable to wear.

That Westone has a very comfort minded design is easily noticeable right from the Comply foam tips to the design of the IEM's body. The UM1s are made to sit flush with your head much like its bigger brother the UM2. That the UM1 is closely related to the UM2 is pretty obvious.


Westone UM1 Specifications:
  • Sensitivity: 114dB/mW
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz -16 kHz
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Driver: Balanced armature
  • Features: Soft padded pouch, replaceable Comply ™ foam tips, and wax loop for cleaning.
  • Cable Length: 50"
  • Available Colors: Clear
The specifications of the UM1s are pretty normal for a quality IEM. Compared to its bigger brother, the UM2, the frequency response a bit inferior. This is of course because the dual driver solution extends better. The accessories that accompany the UM1 kit are the same as that of the UM2. Westone does not leave you any choice of color with its smallest IEM, the UM1s are only available in "clear". As with the UM2s the UM1s have several opaque spots on the body.
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