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Zalman CNPS10X Quiet Review

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Packaging and Contents

The Zalman CNPS10X Quiet arrived in a large very well designed colorful box. The Product name was printed on all sides of the box excluding the bottom and Zalman stresses the quietness of their product by mentioning “Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler” along with the printed product name.
The front of the box features a clear circular window from which the product can be seen. The product name is again visible on the fan through the clear window. The front of the box also advertises one of the included components and a new compatibility feature with all new Zalman products. The right side of the box has numerous product pictures while the left side has the listed specifications and the back of the box covers all the features of the CNPS10X Quiet. The whole box is blue in color, much like the blue anodizing of the fins, and features a nice alternating blue design along the centerline of the product package.

The CNPS10X Quiet is packaged with all required components to mount the product to all supported sockets along with the instruction manual. The hardware included was found at the top of the box in a partitioned section that kept it separate from the cooler. All the backing plates and Intel holding clamps were packed loose in the box. There was a small bag that held the AMD socket mounting clip along with a reasonably sized tube of thermal grease, the required screws and nuts for the mounting hardware and the Fan Mate 2 and all its cabling. Zalman included enough thermal grease to remount this cooler numerous times. It is a generous offer by them.

The cooler itself is packaged in a pressed together clamshell to prevent any product damage. This seems to be the growing trend and is a good idea in order to stop any fins from being bent out of shape.
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