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Zalman ZM-K700M Review

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Most people know Zalman for their cases and some of their CPU cooler. What most don't know is that Zalman has also been making value-oriented gaming keyboards and mice for some time now. The ZM-K700M is Zalman's first high-end mechanical keyboard. It's available with Cherry MX Red switches and white LEDs. It's driverless, but promises macro support and advanced lighting customization along with many other features, like various shortcuts and key disabling. Features like these aren't always done well with even software to support them, so it will be interesting to see how Zalman handles this many functions without a driver.


Zalman ZM-K700M
LAYOUT:103 Keys US + 5 macro + 3 media + 1 mode key
MATERIAL:Steel & Plastic
WEIGHT:1230 g
DIMENSIONS:W: 120mm L: 384mm H: 46mm
SWITCH TYPE:Cherry Red "Linear"
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