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Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Zalman for supplying the review sample.

In the last PSU review we tested the smaller brother of today’s review sample and spotted some drawbacks with the most significant being its high price. Now the ZM1000-HP Plus will try to defend Zalman’s pride and prove that it deserves the serious amount of money it will set you back if you decide that you need a 1000W silent PSU. Unfortunately, in the computers world, whatever is silent and works reliably usually costs a lot.

Zalman's ZM1000-HP Plus, like the ZM850-HP Plus features a dual heatpipe cooling system that allows the cooling fan to operate at lower RPMs and thus produce much less noise. The PSU has 1000W capacity, it’s semi-modular, supports up to three hi-end graphics cards and is 80PLUS Silver certified. In general, with the exception of the 150 more watts capacity, it shares almost the same features with the ZM850-HP Plus. In the rest of the review we will find out if it deserves the extra money it costs and if it has a better price/performance ratio. Given its high price, the ZM1000-HP Plus is competing with other PSUs from the super league so things will be really tough.

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