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Zotac GeForce 8500 GT Review

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The Card

Basically the card follows the simple design of all value priced cards with its small PCB size and small active cooler. The heatsink is a one-slot solution and fairly quiet even though it doesn't look so impressive.

The back of the card is fairly standard, the only interesting thing I saw here is that two sets of mounting holes are present so the range of installable coolers is bigger, allowing manufacturers to pick from a wider range of cost effective heatsinks.

For a value card this is the typical output configuration: one DVI port and one analog VGA port. This is because in this price segment a lot of users still have CRTs or TFTs with analog input only. Should you want to use a second analog display you can use the included DVI adapter. The DVI port is dual-link capable so those big 30" 2560x1600 displays can be used.

If you look at the card again, you see that there is no SLI connector or power connector present.
With a total board power below 75 Watts, the card can be easily powered via the PCI-Express bus.
Even though an external SLI bridge interface is not present, SLI via the PCI-Express bus can be used.
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