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ZOTAC GeForce GT 640 2 GB Review

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ZOTAC's cooler is a basic piece of metal, no fancy heatpipes. Due to the low heat output of the GPU these are not needed anyway.

The card requires no additional PCI-Express power connectors, all power is supplied via the PCIe bus. This configuration is good for up to 75 W of power draw.

ZOTAC uses a uP1529 voltage controller on their card. This is the first time that I see this chip and there is no info available online. Given its compact footprint and limited number of input pins I seriously doubt that it supports software voltage control.

The DDR3 memory chips are made by Micron, and carry the model number MT41J128M16JT-107. They are specified to run at 933 MHz (1866 MHz DDR3 effective).

NVIDIA's new GK107 graphics processor is the company's second Kepler GPU, just like GK104 it is made on a 28 nanometer process at TSMC Taiwan. Details like chip size and transistor count have not been revealed by NVIDIA.
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