Zotac ZBOX nano XS AD11 PLUS 8

Zotac ZBOX nano XS AD11 PLUS

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The Zotac ZBOX nano ships in a fully colored package with the green signature backdrop. You will find images of the device on the front and on the back of the box. Both sides feature additional information and storing/mounting suggestions.

A plain, black cardboard-box holding the ZBOX and all of its extras can be found inside the package.


You will get quite the bundle with the ZBOX nano. Besides the usual manual and CDs, Zotac includes a very sturdy metal VESA 100 mounting plate.

A fairly compact MCE remote with a full set of buttons and an USB-based IR receiver allows for control from the couch in a living room. I would have liked to see a built-in IR receiver, but this will do. Zotac includes an USB module for WiFi control. It looks like an antenna because it is so tiny. This and the Infrared device will take up two of the four USB connectors at the back of the Nano.

The fairly compact, external power-brick delivers 3.42A at 19V and has an input range of 100 - 240V, so you will be able to use it all around the world. It makes a good impression in terms of quality.
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