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Be Quiet! PURE POWER L8 500 W Review

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The small box features a black background with a small image of the unit at the front. Under this image are the series description, the capacity of the unit, and a small list including the most crucial features of the PSU in two languages, English and German. The 80 Plus Bronze badge is located near the top-left corner and is really small, like they meant to hide it!

This side has a features description in two languages at the bottom and a series of badges the unit earned from various review sites.

The features description on this side is given in two languages that differ from those on the other side, and there are some more award badges at the bottom.

There is nothing new on the top side of the box.

The rear has a paragraph promoting Be Quiet! and their products, and a scheme illustrating all available connectors and the length of the cables on which they are installed. A table also provides information on the power output specifications of the unit, and a small scheme right next to it gives away the unit's dimensions. There is also a features description in English.


The contents of the box and the PSU are protected by a sheet of cardboard. We would, as per the usual, really prefer packing foam instead, as the protection it provides is second to none. The PSU is thankfully also protected by bubble-wrap.

The bundle includes the user's manual, an AC power cord, several zip ties, and a set of mounting screws. It may not be rich but includes all the necessities.


The finish is near-glossy and of good quality. Its only problem is that it attracts fingerprints like flies, something that will not trouble the future buyer, but it surely didn't give us a good time during photo-shooting. A matte finish is usually also more resilient to scratches but does cost more.

The front has the on/off switch. It resides next to the AC receptacle. Both sides of the unit have specification labels with an embossed Be Quiet! logo. The warranty sticker is also on one of these sides, covering a screw that needs to be removed to access the unit's internals.

Be Quiet! products are known for their elegant design, which owes much to the nicely designed fan grill they are equipped with. Also, like almost all Be Quiet! PSUs, this one uses an elastic trim around the fan to minimize vibrations and, thus, noise output.

All cables are nicely sleeved and the PCIe connectors are painted blue, making them stand out from the rest.
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