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iFi Audio nano iDSD LE Review

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The Package

iFi Audio ships the nano iDSD LE in a neat, tightly packed little box.

The bundle for the nano is quite impressive considering its price ($129). You get everything you need to take full advantage of all its functions. The cables are of a really good quality, and you get a set of rubber feet and protection pads should you want to use it on the go with a phone.

Closer Examination

Fit and finish is just perfect on the nano. iFi's styling is subtle, and their finishing choices are both good-looking and durable. The case is made from aluminum and everything fits together perfectly.

One slightly odd decision on the nano is to put the RCA jacks on the front. It would have been much better for at-home use to have them on the rear of the device, along with the USB port, as the front panel is very congested, which may block some jacks from being seated conveniently in the mini-jack.

The volume knob works great and is easy to reach despite the cramped front panel. The knob doubles up as the on/off switch and has sufficient tactile feedback to avoid accidental turn-offs! The knob is made from aluminum and seems well supported inside the case as there is no slack.

On the backside, you find the odd USB plug iFi Audio uses on their products. Connection-wise, it is pretty solid, and the cable seems very durable. Unfortunately, it is also huge and will take up a substantial amount of space outside the unit. The cable's box protrudes a full 40 mm!
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