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iStarUSA xAGE HDD Docking Station Review

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The xAGE is contained in a full color box. The front features the docking station and the back shows an installation graphic. The sides of the box show the package contents as well as a list of features.


Inside the box there is a 5ft. USB cable, a power adapter, two rubber hard disk sleeves, one for 3.5" and 2.5" drives respectively. The sleeves are a nice, unexpected accessory with the dock. They feature an open cutout of the world's continents on each. The usefulness of the sleeves seems limited as they trap heat in the hard disks and tend to attract dust easily. Perhaps they could provide useful for vibration dampening with a noisy hard disk. Our hard disks remained quiet with and without the sleeves while in the dock. A small manual is included that quite simple, and details all the information one would need to operate the docking station.

The power adapter is quite standard as far as power adapters goes. Its operating range is 100-240V-1.0 amps, and this version uses an American two-blade plug. The cord comes in at 4ft. from plug to end, which may be a bit short for some users.
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